Chair Umpire

Stéphane Apostoulou

Stéphane Apostolou is a French umpire with a Russian mother and a Greek father. He started as a line judge in Lyon in 1991, and then climbed up the ranks of the umpiring world. France’s 1991 Davis Cup win remains his best memory to date. He earned his Golden badge in 1995, and officially umpires on the ATP Tour. He was an assistant judge at Roland-Garros from 2005 to 2010. Besides umpiring, he also helped the organization of the Open 13 in Marseille, and consulted for the Moroccan Tennis Federation on the Casablanca tournament. Fun fact, he started umpiring totally by accident. As he was watching a veteran match in his local tennis club, he was asked to step up on the chair to calm down an argument between a player and the umpire, and the rest is history.