The Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS) is an international tennis promotion company organizing no-audience live-broadcasted tennis competition events around the world.

UTS organizes competitive tennis matches between professional tennis players and broadcasts them to the global audience of its fans providing them with interactive and powerful experience on a new level. The cornerstone of UTS is a plateform for highly electric and engaging competitive experience for players with comparable money prizes on one side and fun and interactive experience to the tennis fans on the other. To start, in each UTS match, fans aren’t physically in the stadium, or just passively looking at a network airing (or, worse, post-airing) of a match. Instead, millions of UTS fans are glued to their devices, watching and commenting on every serve, stroke, volley and call. And UTS players aren’t in a crowd-filled stadium, but on a special UTS court surrounded by digital screens, HD cameras and speakers, all to live-stream the fantastic match to millions of fans.