The volcano

Alizé Cornet

Like a volcano, Alizé Cornet can stay quiet and unnoticed for a while, but when she erupts, she can make some serious noise and damages. Sweet and calm off-court, the ground starts shaking when she steps on-court. When she explodes, she explodes. The display of emotions can become out of control; she lets it all out. Behind it, there is a game that is the product of years of hard work and experience. Her return of serve is lava-hot, and she has one of the best defensive games on tour. She can run right and left: there isn’t a ball she can’t return. Her intensity brought her on the edge of the WTA Top 10 eleven years ago, as she reached a career-high ranking of No. 11. She is now ranked No. 59 in the world, with an incredible thirteen consecutive Top 100 season streak.

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Alizé is a pure athlete. Her footwork and intensity allow her to reach anything, and makes her one of the best defense players in the world.


Alizé can count on her backhand, no matter her position in the court. Whether she’s stepping into the court, or stretching out to a difficult shot, her backhand delivers.


As the return is a lot of player’s weakness, Alizé masters it. She always manages to neutralize and get back in the point, even when the serve seems impossible to return.

Signature shot

The impossible return

There is nothing impossible for Alizé Cornet. Sometimes, some returns seem impossible – but not for her. She always manages to neutralize and get back into the point. Nobody knows how, it’s her secret talent.

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