The Wall

David Goffin

The wall. When you think you’ve outsmarted it, overpowered it, or pushed it to its limit, it sends back yet another ball – it’s a tennis player’s number one enemy. Fast, agile, consistent, strategic, David Goffin is a wall in its human form. But he is more than that; he is strong, focused, and intimidating. At 29 years old and standing 5’11” tall, the Belgian has frustrated even the most elitist players in the sport. The results? His final at the 2017 ATP Finals, for example. David’s counter-attack and physical condition will take rallies to a whole other level and will leave the fans begging for more. Let’s see if anyone can crack The Wall…

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Self Control
Fighting Spirit





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Goffin is one of the best movers on the circuit. He is always in the right spot at the right time, reaching balls that seem impossible to save, and coming up with unlikely shots.

Laser Vision

Sometimes, it seems as Goffin has a third eye. He has an unbelievable vision of the court, allowing him to cover for almost everything.

Tactical Ability

Goffin has an impressive understanding of tennis strategy, and uses it to its advantage. He may not be the most powerful player out there, but he can trick his opponents into carefully curated tactical plans.

Signature shot


Goffin can line up backhands down the line like no other. Both precise and consistent, it will certainly surprise his opponents more than once throughout the event.

Coach and staff

Thomas Johansson


Thomas Johansson


Thomas Johansson is a Swedish coach and former professional player. He won the Australian Open in 2002. He reached a career-high ranking of World No. 7, just like his current protégé, David Goffin. Johansson won a total of 9 career singles titles before the end of his professional career, in 2009. As a coach, he also briefly coached former World No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki and Croatian player Borna Coric.
Goffin and Johansson started working together again in early 2019, at Indian Wells. Goffin was already familiar with the Swedish coach as the duo had previously worked together for a few months in 2016. Then working as a consultant for the Belgian player, Johansson helped him reach Roland-Garros’ quarterfinals and get closer to the ATP’s Top 10.

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