The Warrior

Ons Jabeur

Ons Jabeur is a warrior and a pioneer. A warrior because she is showing the world everything is possible, and a pioneer because she is the first Arab woman to ever enter the top 50 and to reach a Grand Slam quarterfinal (Australian Open 2020). Currently ranked at a career-high of world No. 39, the Tunisian is also the only woman of the entire African continent to be part of the top 100. This is a victory in itself, but it’s not enough for Jabeur, who keeps fighting to reach her full potential. On court, she is a grinder. She can do it all: hit power balls, slices, drop shots, etc. Name it, she makes it. She has fantastic hands, and an incredible will to win. The point is never over until Ons says so. Can she produce some more miracles, this time at UTS?

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Self Control
Fighting Spirit




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Ons has hands that are out of this world. She can do whatever she pleases with the ball, and loves mixing up shots, speeds, and effects.


Ons has one of the best slices on the tour. It simply drives her opponents crazy.


Ons has this warrior forehand which knocks her opponents off their feet. It’s heavy and powerful, helping her build her points.

Signature shot

Drop shot

She is the women trick shot master. Ons is a drop shot expert and loves to mix it up in her game.

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