El Torero

Feliciano Lopez

Fire in his eyes, confident, and experienced, Feliciano Lopez handles his opponents just like a bullfighter handles the bull. Elegantly and fearlessly. The handsome Spaniard is adding experience to UTS1’ field. After Roger Federer, he holds the second longest activity streak on the ATP Tour. Lopez started his career in 1999, the same year UTS’ youngest player, Alexei Popyrin, was born. Behind the experience, there is also a powerful player; Lopez has an intimidating serve and forehand, and can do wonders at the net. He likes to be in control, like a torero waving his red cape to tease the enemy. Lopez likes playing fast and aggressive tennis. Currently ranked No. 56, he reached a career-high ranking of World No. 12 in 2015, and won a total of 7 titles.

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Self Control
Fighting Spirit





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Lopez puts a lot of work off-court, and it shows. Throughout his career, the Spaniard has always been one of the fittest on tour.


Lopez has a great feel for the ball and likes to come to the net. Up there, he’s in control, and he can do some serious damage.


Lopez’s serves is one of his weapons. It usually allows him to start the point with an edge, and get up to the net.

Signature shot


When it comes to the backhand slice, Lopez arguably has the best one on the tour, if not the best one. It’s precise, it’s consistent, it’s efficient, and it stays low, which drives his opponents crazy.

Coach and staff

Marc Lopez


Marc Lopez


In addition to being Feliciano’s coach, Marc Lopez is a successful doubles player, still active on the tour to this day (ATP No. 298). He reached a career-high ranking of World No. 3 in 2013, and nearly broke the Top 100 in singles in 2004, peaking at No. 106. He won a total of 14 tour-level doubles titles, the most prestigious being the 2016 Roland-Garros (with Feliciano as a partner), the 2012 ATP Finals, and the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. He also has 3 Masters 1000 titles under his belt.
Although they started working together at the beginning of the 2020 season, Marc and Feliciano go way back. The two first met in a U12 tournament in Alicante, Spain, and would regularly see each other in junior events. At 17 years old, they started training with the same coach. They saw each other every day, travelled together, roomed together, and so forth. The two Spaniards are also doubles partners, even to this day. Even though they are not, the two Lopez are just like brothers.

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