The Thunder

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova

Electrifying: here’s how to best describe Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova “Nastia” in a single word. Off-court, she has a vibrant personality, and she likes to show it in every way she can, whether it’s her pink hair of the moment, her lightning bolt tattoo, or her fashion statements. On court, she strikes. Just like lightning and thunder, you’re never sure what comes first: the sight of her power shots or that perfect pop sound you get when you hit it just right. Her down-the-line forehand is like an electric discharge: blink it and you miss it. The Russian comes to the net at a lightning speed, and has great hands at the net. No wonder she had successes early in her career, being the best junior player of her times. At the pro level, she won 12 career titles, and, in 2011, she reached the No. 12 spot in the WTA rankings. She is currently ranked No. 30 in the world, and still has the top of the rankings in sight. Get ready for some noise.

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Self Control
Fighting Spirit




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First serve

Nastia’s first serve is electric. It allows her to take control of the point right from the beginning and play aggressive tennis.


Nastia’s backhand is one of her best weapons. She gets behind the ball… and strikes.

Net play

Nastia comes to the net in a flash and she is merciless. She often finishes points at the net. She isn’t scared of anything.

Signature shot

Signature Shot

Forehand down the line

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