El Peque

Diego Schwartzman

A little step of tango and Diego is ready for the show. Armed with a flawless game, “El Peque” is only short in size. Standing five-foot-five, the Argentinean does not shy away from anything. His speed and intelligence combine perfectly with his love for the clay, making him one of the most feared players on the ATP Tour. Always joyful, the world number 9 is the friendliest player on tour. But don’t be fooled by appearances, because behind that smile lies a formidable warrior with a fierce fighting spirit. Finalist in Rome and semi-finalist at Roland Garros last year, the Argentine never ceases to amaze. Winner of 4 titles on the ATP Tour, “El Peque” made his first appearance in the top 10 in 2020 and now seems difficult to dislodge. Having defeated Nadal and Thiem on clay last year after tremendous fights, “El Peque” now has the UTS trophy in sight.

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Self Control
Fighting Spirit




75 %

win rate



Fast in his lateral and forward movements, Diego is an outstanding defender. Thanks to his explosiveness and agility, the Argentine upsets his opponent with dazzling counter attacks.


"El Peque" masters the art of the dropshot better than anyone else. At the baseline or at the net, Diego has a touch that we love to watch.


Low on his feet and with a sharp eye, "El Peque" is the second best returner on tour. No server is safe against the Argentine.

Signature shot


The Argentine doesn't shy away from anything. With a mind of steel, "El Peque" has the rage to win and fights on all points.

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