The Greek God

Stefanos Tsitsipas

With long golden curls, his head held high and an imposing 6’4” stature, at first glance, Stefanos looks like a hybrid between Greek God and tennis player.  The metaphor isn’t entirely false – he is the best player in Greece’s history, and not by little. First, he was the first Greek to make it to the ATP Top 100, and then, to enter the Top 10. With a career-high ranking of World No. 5 and an ATP Finals title under his belt at only 21 years-old, his smart and aggressive game gets both his opponents and fans down on their knees. Off the court, Stef is a part-time videographer and a part-time philosopher, sharing the ins and outs of life as a tennis player on his own YouTube channel and social media platforms.

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Self Control
Fighting Spirit





80 %

win rate



Stefanos plays proactive tennis. As soon as he gets the chance to take the lead of the point and attack, he does so.


The forehand is the Greek’s obvious weapons. Not only is it powerful, but he can do almost whatever he wants with it, whether it’s going inside-in, inside-out, or producing a solid approach.

Fighting Spirit

You’ll often see Stefanos pump his fist and shout. He is not just a Greek God, he is also a warrior, and he will do whatever it takes to win.

Signature shot


The Greek God isn’t scared to get to the ground. Determined to get everything at the net, he has mastered a unique shot: the diving volley. This Tsitsipas-special is bound to make the public go crazy.

Coach and staff

Apostolos Tsitsipas


Frédéric Lefebvre


Apostolos Tsitsipas


Apostolos Tsitsipas is one of the few successful professional coaches who have not played on the ATP, ITF or NCAA tours. Apostolos was predominantly a football and basketball player, and even competed on the Greek national football team. He became a tennis coach “by chance” by almost randomly selecting tennis as a part of his sport science major at the University of Athens. Today, he’s the full-time coach of one of the world’s finest tennis players.
Apostolos has been the lifelong coach of his son, Stefanos Tsitsipas. He started teaching his son when he was three years old, focusing on technique while Stef’ mom focused on discipline. When Stef was 12, Apostolos officially started operating as a full-time coach, following his son from tournament to tournament. Today, he is still the one sitting in Stef’s box.

Frédéric Lefebvre


Frederic Lefebvre is a high-level French fitness coach. From 2006 to 2014, he worked full-time at the Mouratoglou Academy, coaching professional players such as Daria Gavrilova, Yulia Putintseva, Jérémy Chardy, and Renxo Olivo. He is now the entitled fitness coach of Stefanos Tsitsipas and Serena Williams. Lefebvre has also developed innovative system Sporexel, which offers physical tests with personalized feedback designed for tennis players.
Lefebvre started working specifically with Tsitsipas in May 2017. He has witnessed the Greek climb up the ATP rankings and making his transition to the pro tour, while making sure Tsitsipas is in the best physical conditions to perform at the right moments in the season.

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