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Fernando Verdasco

Do you feel the heat? That’s because Fernando Verdasco is in the house. When the Spaniard walks into a room, the thermometer goes up a few degrees. When he walks onto the court, it simply blows off. The lefty forehand is Verdasco’s biggest weapon, by far. It has so much velocity that it sends out smoke. Sometimes, it’s so hot you that his opponents can’t even touch it. His polyvalence and aggressiveness have propelled him to the Top 10 of the ATP rankings (No. 7) in 2009. The 36-year-old won 7 career titles and upset Murray and Tsonga to reach the semifinal of the Australian Open in 2009. Off-court, he’s a family man, a father and a husband, and, notably, Spanish star Enrique Iglesias’ brother-in-law. The Madrid native is bound to bring some flames to UTS, whether it’s by hitting winners or by showing off his Latino charm in mid-match interviews.

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Verdasco can do it all. He has no real weakness and that is a strength itself.

Lefty forehand

His lefty topspin forehand is one of the best on the circuit. It’s so good we debated calling his “El Forehando”.


Verdasco always tries to take advantage of the point, whether it is by staying close to the baseline or by ripping hot forehands.

Signature shot

Topspin forehand

Verdasco’s topspin forehand is something special. He has this Spanish topspin mixed with an aggressivity and fire of his own. Watch out.

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