Rule 1/6


Coaching time-outs are no longer a thing. Instead, coaches will be on the player's bench all match long and will be allowed to coach at any time during the match, except during the point. All coach-player interactions must be conducted in English otherwise the player receives a point penalty.

Rule 2/6


The competition consists of two round-robins of 4 players (8 players), where everyone plays everyone else in the group. At the end of the round-robin stage, the 2 players at the top of both groups’ ranking qualify for the final four (semifinals + final).

Rule 3/6


The 1st player to win 3 QTS wins the match. If the 2 players are tied at the end of the QT, they will play a decisive point. If a player leads a QT by 10 points, he automatically wins the QT in “KO mode”. If a player wins the first 3 QTs, the 4th QT will not be played. If both players are tied at 2 QTs apiece, the 5th QT is played in a ‘“sudden death’” format.

Rule 4/6


Each match consists of four quarters of 8 minutes. A match will last on average 30 to 40 minutes + the time of a hypothetical sudden death. The timer stops : during the 2-minute changeover at the end of each quarter.

Rule 5/6


A 15-second shot clock between two points will be used (the 15 seconds start when the umpire announces the score). If a player takes more than 15 seconds to serve, he receives a warning the first time, then a point penalty for each subsequent violation.

Rule 6/6


All government guidelines will be followed regarding the current Covid-19 Pandemic. We’re cooperating with the local authorities to ensure that UTS remains a safe environment for all involved.